From L to R: Parade in Color collection R3665, R3373, BD3614A-RU


Rubies are one of the most important and most expensive gems in the colored stones market, commanding the highest per-carat cost of any colored stone. The most important factor when determining a ruby’s value is color: as a variety of the corundum mineral species, ruby’s signature vivid red color is due to its trace element Chromium. The finest of rubies will display a pure and vibrant red to slightly purplish red.

Historically and culturally significant, ruby’s earliest legends range from holding the power of life, re-birth, invincibility, to becoming a modern symbolization of wealth and status. Those born in the month of July are privileged to have ruby as their birthstone, while collectors and admirers of the gemstone appreciate it in all seasons.


Ruby rough in marble. Credit GIA.