Jewelry Info

Most of your styles appear to be in white gold or platinum. Are there other metal options?

Parade’s standard is Platinum and 18K Gold. Our 18K gold is available in white, yellow, rose and black.

Are center stones included in Parade engagement rings? Where can I purchase a center diamond?

Center stones are not included in our bridal settings.  Your Parade Retailer will be able to assist you in acquiring the appropriate center stone for your desired setting.

What quality are the diamonds in Parade settings?

White diamonds in Parade Design settings are G/H color and VS/SI quality. Upon request, higher quality diamonds (E/F and VSI) may be used.

Can I customize my Parade jewelry?

Parade and its retailers have an excellent relationship and make every effort to provide a pleasant shopping experience for you. In most cases, it is possible to modify an existing Parade design to accommodate your preferences. Please consult an authorized Parade retailer for assistance.

I have sensitive skin, is nickel used in Parade jewelry?

Parade jewelry is nickel-free, we do not use nickel in any of our metal alloys. We prefer to use hypoallergenic Palladium in our 18k white gold.


How can i purchase Parade Designs?

To purchase Parade Design jewelry, please find your local retailer by visiting http://paradedesign.com/wheretobuy.asp .

What is a Parade Signature Retailer?

Parade Signature Retailers are part of an exclusive network of select fine jewelers worldwide. We work closely with our PSR’s to provide exceptional customer service and offer a wide variety of Parade styles to their clientele.

Does Parade have authorized retailers outside the US?

Parade currently has retailers in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.  For all other countries, please contact [email protected] for more information.

How can I see all the designs that are available from Parade Design?

Paradedesign.com provides an overview of our entire collection. Please contact one of our authorized Parade retailers to see a specific style and to place an order.

I would like to request a catalog please.

We do not send catalogs or brochures directly to consumers at this time. Please contact an authorized Parade retailer for a Bridal or Reverie brochure.

I am interested in a particular ring and am wondering if you can email the image of this ring to me.

To request an enlarged image of a particular style found on our website, please contact [email protected] .

The nearest Parade retailer is in the next town which is too far for me to visit. What should I do?

Parade retailers pride themselves on their service excellence and it is not uncommon for their customer base to span cities, states and countries. We encourage you to visit existing Parade retailers whenever possible. If you are unable to do so, please contact customer service and we will locate a jeweler in your area who can assist you.

Should you have any further questions, please contact a Parade expert.
[email protected]