Wilson Diamonds

404 W 2230 N
Provo, UT 84604
(801) 609-6628

Wilson Diamonds was established in Provo, Utah in 1974 by Keith and Richard Wilson, who were students at Brigham Young University. Their whole idea to start a store came from Richard’s attempt to buy a diamond engagement ring from the local stores.

After shopping around at other jewelry stores in Utah, Richard was disappointed at the lack of real information available from salespeople about quality and price. He also noticed a general lack of caring for customers. Keith and Richard saw the opportunity to open a store that focused on the customer and their needs while providing low prices on quality diamonds and engagement rings. Using Richard’s Belgian diamond source (another long story), they began to develop a more customer focused approach to diamond sales in Provo. Their whole philosophy was to sell better quality for less, focus on engagement and wedding rings, and empower people by giving them the tools they needed to understand quality with rings and diamonds.