Ballerina Jewelers

5176 Dronningens Gade,
Suit 2. St Thomas,
(800) 722-4455

Currently with five locations, Ballerina stands as the leading source for you in LOOSE DIAMONDS of all shapes and sizes, including NATURAL FANCY YELLOW and COLORED DIAMONDS. Ballerina Jewelers also offers You large inventory of beautifully crafted diamond semi mount rings to set your dream Diamond. All your purchases are guaranteed and you get an appraisal for each jewelry item you buy.
Because …you are worth it! We have extraordinary service for extraordinary people and now you have direct access to our fabulous selection of exquisite jewelry and our attentive customer service. Let your fingers do the walking and explore how you can make your dollars make sense! For your convenience, Ballerina Jewelers also offers U.S.Service Centers.