Delicate yet strong, like the matrimonial bond they represent, the leaves of the new Lyria Signature Crown create the perfect setting to showcase the eternal beauty of a diamond.

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Inspired by nature’s beauty, the Lyria Signature Crown features blooming petal-shaped prongs securely embracing a sparkling center stone. Favored for the organic, sculptural form and precise details, this extraordinary blossom is a spectacular addition to every engagement ring.


The openings between each leaf allow for additional light entry into the center stone to maximize illumination. Inner surfaces of the Lyria Signature crown are three dimensional and high-polished to a mirror finish, augmenting refraction of all light and intensifying brilliance of the center stone.


Through extensive research and development, Parade has created a structurally and aesthetically superior crown. Wide leaf shaped prongs and a broad base provide strength and security for center stones, a sophisticated improvement on the standard wire basket seen throughout the industry.

Custom Design

The Lyria Signature Crown may be custom designed to hold any desired stone shape and size.

Any Parade ring may be customized with the Lyria Signature Crown upon request.

On our website, crownthis symbol indicates that an individual style features the Lyria Signature Crown.

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